Epidemic prevention disinfection

Sparkle used long-acting strong bactericidal silver ion disinfectant for disinfection, and the bactericidal efficacy of silver ion disinfectant was 99.99% (the antibacterial rate of 28 days was 100% verified by Eurofins NZ Laboratory Services Limited experiment).

Silver ion disinfectants are 99.96% more powerful than ordinary disinfectants in the market. They can kill more than 600 kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi at one time. They can stay on the surface of objects for more than 30 days and stay in the air for 24 hours.

Silver ion disinfectant colorless, odorless and harmless, adults, children, household pets can be directly exposed. Sparkle professional team will ensure that silver ion disinfectant is sprayed to every corner of the site to ensure the health and safety of guests.