Restaurant cleaning

SPARKLE Cleaning Services Company know how demanding your customers are, and the expectations of your front of house presentation. Whether your hospitality business is a traditional pub, a stylish bar or restaurant, independent or part of a managed chain, high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are now not just expected but essential to your business.

Our bar and restaurant cleaning services include : –
* Facades, Canopy and window cleaning
* Bar cleaning
* Standing & Seating areas
* Floor cleaning, Air conditioner vents
* Carpet cleaning (Vacuum, Dry method, Extraction, Steam and bonnet)
* Exterior jet washing and patio cleaning

* Cleaning tables and surfaces, display cabinets
* Spot cleaning, cleaning the sinks, toilets, urinals
* Emptying and sanitizing rubbish and recycling bins

We also perform back of house cleans include : –
– Kitchen deep clean
– Cleaning Hydro-Vents
– Wash floor mats
– Cleaning out grease-traps
– Cleaning hood filters.